Saturday, 15 December 2012

Mr. PREM BAJAJ, CMD – Bhadra International India Limited

Born on 9.12.1955, in a business family, Mr. Prem Bajaj had the advantage of business acumen in his veins from childhood. After completion of graduation from Delhi University he inherited family business of Steel fabrication in mid 70’s.
MR. PREM BAJAJ, CMD – Bhadra International India Limited
MR. PREM BAJAJ, CMD – Bhadra International India Limited
As he matured into a young entrepreneur with a tremendous drive, he became famous in his circle as someone who turns impossibles into possibles. A visionary by nature to begin with, he always thought “big”, and never looked back.

Mr. Prem Bajaj is founder Director of Bhadra International India Limited, a highly professional Company which has been awarded the rights for “Ground Handling Services” for seven airports by Airports Authority of India.  
MR. PREM BAJAJ, CMD – Bhadra International India Limited 
Mr Prem Bajaj ventured into Ground Handling business at the Indian airports that until recently were shoddy, shabby, dangerous for the workers apart from causing serious security hazards.  Mr. Bajaj lived up to his reputation and rose to the occasion and showed the Nation how to “go green” at the airports. Bhadra invested over 100 million dollars to import the state-of-the-art battery operated equipment for handling the cargo at the airports, a step that will go a long way to show Indian entrepreneurs that it is indeed possible to “go green” at the Indian airports.

MR. PREM BAJAJ, CMD – Bhadra International India LimitedToday, under his exemplary leadership, Bhadra International (India) Limited, has grown into a highly professional Company. Concerned authorities in India have also acknowledged that the Aircraft Ground Handling Operations at all seven airports managed by Bhadra have come of age and are in keeping with the Best Worldwide.  On its part, Bhadra is committed to continue and make India proud by bringing a sea change in the conduct of providing Comprehensive Ground Handling Services at Indian airports.

A nationalist to the core, the country had also recognized and honored Mr. Prem Bajaj. He had been nominated by the Government of India on numerous important Boards and Trusts. Some of these included his nomination as a Board Member on the Board of Paradeep and Kandla Port Trusts, Director on National Highway Authority of India, etc.  A philanthropic to the core, Mr. Bajaj is an active member and contributor to various charitable institutions in India.

BHADRA under Mr. Prem Bajaj’s leadership is bound to go places.