Monday, 10 December 2012

For Bhadra International India Limited Corporate Responsibility goes well beyond its official work.

Ever since it commenced its Ground Handling Operations at airports in Southern Region of India, M/s Bhadra International India Limited have ensured that it abides by its motto of providing “Environment Friendly Services”.  It has even gone to the extent of importing most sophisticated state-of-the-Art battery operated equipment that is “Environment Friendly” at considerable cost for use at all airports.  Its activities ever since have gone well beyond its equipment holding.

As an example, let’s take you to Calicut International Airport, where each company worker was provided with a tree sapling to plant to enhance environment friendliness.   

As another unique example of the company’s efforts to service Mankind, Bhadra International has recently undertaken Voluntary Blood Donation Camp at Calicut which was inaugurated by none other than Shri J.P. Alex, the current Airport Director.  Each worker is now fully aware of his “Blood Group” not only for purposes of mandatory company’s records but also as the ready reckoner for District Cooperative Hospital for future use.  The company has taken a deliberate decision to donate all its “Blood Donation” to District Cooperative Hospital only so that its usage won’t go commercial

As another example of its “Contributions to Society and Mankind”, the company has chosen to help a local Old Age Home in Calicut aptly called “Sneha Bhawan”.  Instead of discarding their old uniforms while they are still wearable, the workers are encouraged to recycle them by donating them to some charitable institutions.  It was under this policy that after removing the insignias, the Bhadra International Ground support staff uniforms were distributed to this Old Age Home.

All the above are some typical examples of how for Bhadra International India Limited the Corporate Responsibilities go well beyond its normal day-to-day functions.
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