Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Bhadra’s Solution Tool For 100% On Time Performance Lies in Excellent Maintenance Workshop Facilities

Precision and highly professional practices are a must in every field of aviation including the Ground Handling practices and equipment used for that purpose.  Any step-up in this field can cause colossal damage including lying off the aircraft for long durations.  The importance attached to this fact by Bhadra, the company that provides state-of-art Ground Handling Services can be gauged by the fact that the company has gone ahead and created the maintenance workshop, a first of this kind in India to be set up by a Ground handling Company, incurring an expenditure of Rs 50 crores approx.  The maintenance workshop hangar has been erected meeting all apron parameters. 

The Bhadra’s workshop caters to maintaining the ground handling equipments in excellent condition so that the customer airlines are not deprived of quality and on time services, which has been one of the strong points of Bhadra to its customer airlines.  The workshop has a huge working area and is fully equipped with modern maintenance tools and accessories. The workshop is eco friendly and has natural lighting facility with air circulators on the roof top.  It must be reiterated that the state-of-art environment friendly ground handling equipment pressed into service by the company is yielding excellent results apart from on time performance.

Bhadra’s workshop derives its strength, from a well experienced maintenance team consisting of industry specialists and supported by a team of highly trained technicians who are extremely capable of maintaining the equipments, in tune with the operating schedule of the airlines that are handled by Bhadra. The Customer airlines of Bhadra have appreciated and made it a point to give credence to these excellent workshop facilities that have been created while conducting their mandatory audit before signing the SGH Agreement. This has been one of the hall marks of Bhadra maintaining 100% on time performance of aircraft handling at the Airports for which the licence has been awarded to the company. 

For more information please visit: http://www.bhadra.in

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Bhadra International-Ethiopian Airlines

Bhadra International-EthiopianAirlines

My heart-felt appreciation & gratitude to all of you (Bhadra International) who really made everything possible specially for the VIP flight handling . A commendable team spirit backed by sensible professionalism established in your organisation. Keep it up!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Bhadra International-Gulf Air

Bhadra International -Gulf Air

We are very proud of you for achieving these milestones and maintaining the quality of service delivery for our airlines at the Chennai Airport which would not have been possible without your (Bhadra International's) world class equipment, trained and disciplined man power. We salute the Bhadra International team and wish you achieve many more milestones in the future to come.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Bhadra International Helps Infra-structure Development, But without Fanfare

The airport was Kolkata. The night was dark in the month of August, 2011. The atmosphere was full of expectation, but very little nervousness for Bhadra International’s well-trained Cargo Handlers. The reason was simply the size of the cargo. The mammoth cargo was for the construction of Ampara dam in Uttarakhand. But Bhadra Cargo Handlers had done that before.

A Russian Antonov aircraft, which is used to transport oversized cargo across the world, was scheduled to touch down with heavy engineering equipment from China late night. The freighter was bringing gigantic steel frames for the under-construction Ampara dam in Uttarakhand, the second one after the first was brought by the same aircraft on July 13.

Anup Chowdhury who heads the ground handling operations of Bhadra International at Kolkata airport narrated the story. "The 226-ft long, 68-ft-wide Flywell Airways plane with 240-ft wing span, was carrying super-heavy cargo requiring 100 tonne crane to unload." The private operator, Bhadra International, took over the import section of the cargo terminal on December 20, 2010, and the import section on Thursday, August 11, 2011.

Acknowledging that handling the mammoth plane with its giant cargo was a big challenge, Chowdhury said the operations on July 13 had provided invaluable experience to the 300-odd men in the Bhadra team.
Bhadra International is now handling all airlines that transport cargo - Emirates, Lufthansa, Air India, Air Asia, Biman Bangladesh, China Eastern, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, Qatar Airways and also Jade.

Although under a new policy, Bhadra International has a clear mandate to provide Ground-handling services for passenger flights also (along with national carrier Air India), it is yet to get the go-ahead from Airports Authority of India (AAI) following resistance from private carriers and unions, who are creating all kind of hurdles in the implementation of the AAI policy enacted by the country’s esteemed parliament several years ago.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Bhadra International’s Best Investment, its Well Trained, Dedicated Staff”

The staff at Bhadra International undergoes a thorough selection procedure before being hired, and then attends step-by-step training according to specific roles once on board. Regular personal appraisals and incentive pay plans ensure that dedicated and motivated workers produce their very best.
Take, for example, Bhadra’s approach to its safety management system. A dedicated officer oversees safety and undertakes internal audits every three months. In addition, external audits are done by airline customers every six months to grade performance levels. The results of these audits are then implemented at various levels of company operations.

Chairman Prem Bajaj says proudly, “This has resulted in maintaining high standards of safety and on-time performance at all seven airports in our network.”

Bajaj has also invested in technology with “bhadratech,” an online system that keeps better track of cargo and equipment, and makes administrative duties, such as human resources and billing, that much easier.
Bhadra is not behind any international Ground Handling Agency, when it comes to GSE investment either.  Bhadra’s GSE fleet includes new equipment such as Schopf pushbacks; Hitzinger gpus; Rheinemetal air starts; TLD conveyors and auto steps; Hydro towbars; Trepel cargo loaders and transporters; and Trepel tugs.

Just for example, the Bhadra International inventory at Chennai Airport includes:
  • Fifteen passenger coaches.
  • Fifteen pushbacks.
  • Twenty step ladders.
  • Fifteen conveyors.
  • Fifteen main deck loaders for wide-body aircraft, eight low deck loaders for narrow-body aircraft.
  • Forty-five tow bars.
  • Ten gpus.
  • Fifteen cargo transporters.
  • Seventy-five battery-operated tugs and tractors.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Bhadra International shows the way of ‘Going Green’ at Indian Airports

At a time when the Indian government is trying to introduce new policies to make India “Go Green”, Bhadra International shows how you can eliminate pollution even from the tarmacs of the Indian airports that are full of diesel fumes and also the fumes emitted by the aircraft.

Bhadra International, the world class Ground Handling company, has spent millions of dollars in importing the state of the art cargo handling equipment that is run by battery, eliminating any kind of pollution on the tarmac.

So with Bhadra’s latest imported battery operated Cargo handling equipment the workers at the airport hangars do not have to breathe in the poisonous fumes normally emitted by the old outdated equipment run by diesel.

The credit goes to one of the visionary entrepreneurs, Prem Bajaj of Delhi,

He formed Bhadra back in 2000 when he realised that as the Indian economy was liberalised and grew, demand for aviation would also mushroom and modern ground handling services using the latest equipment would be required. BIIL has since spent over $100 million to procure the latest ground handling equipment and providing facilities to ensure personnel are properly trained to use the latest machinery.