Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bhadra International: A Symbol of Safety at Indian Airports

Bhadra International India Ltd. is playing a major role in bringing world-class safety and quality to Ground Handling services at India’s international airports.

Bhadra International stands committed to provide the most professionally competent Ground Handling services by employing the most highly skilled staff and supplying ground support for our customer airlines that is efficient, safe and always on-time,” says Prem Bajaj, the company’s chairman.

Bhadra International has bagged 15-year contracts for Ground Handling and cargo and even general aviation services with airlines at seven airports in Chennai, Kolkata, Calicut, Coimbatore, Trivandrum, Trichy and Mangalore.

The New Delhi-based company employs almost 3000 trained, full-time workers and invested in $100 million worth of new GSE stationed at its airports with much of the equipment powered by rechargeable batteries.
efore any aircraft arrive, the company holds a roll call to review everyone’s duties and schedules for the day ahead. Afterward, operators move to their respective vehicles and position them at the ready. At its Chennai facility, staff at a control room will be able to monitor and allocate GSE throughout the day thanks to onboard microchips that pinpoint locations. Uniformed ramp agents stand in line to prepare for the plane with military precision.
In view of the recent repeated incidents and accidents at the Indian airports, the Indian aviation market could use this precision.