Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Bhadra’s Solution Tool For 100% On Time Performance Lies in Excellent Maintenance Workshop Facilities

Precision and highly professional practices are a must in every field of aviation including the Ground Handling practices and equipment used for that purpose.  Any step-up in this field can cause colossal damage including lying off the aircraft for long durations.  The importance attached to this fact by Bhadra, the company that provides state-of-art Ground Handling Services can be gauged by the fact that the company has gone ahead and created the maintenance workshop, a first of this kind in India to be set up by a Ground handling Company, incurring an expenditure of Rs 50 crores approx.  The maintenance workshop hangar has been erected meeting all apron parameters. 

The Bhadra’s workshop caters to maintaining the ground handling equipments in excellent condition so that the customer airlines are not deprived of quality and on time services, which has been one of the strong points of Bhadra to its customer airlines.  The workshop has a huge working area and is fully equipped with modern maintenance tools and accessories. The workshop is eco friendly and has natural lighting facility with air circulators on the roof top.  It must be reiterated that the state-of-art environment friendly ground handling equipment pressed into service by the company is yielding excellent results apart from on time performance.

Bhadra’s workshop derives its strength, from a well experienced maintenance team consisting of industry specialists and supported by a team of highly trained technicians who are extremely capable of maintaining the equipments, in tune with the operating schedule of the airlines that are handled by Bhadra. The Customer airlines of Bhadra have appreciated and made it a point to give credence to these excellent workshop facilities that have been created while conducting their mandatory audit before signing the SGH Agreement. This has been one of the hall marks of Bhadra maintaining 100% on time performance of aircraft handling at the Airports for which the licence has been awarded to the company. 

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