Monday, 3 December 2012

Bhadra Gratefully Acknowledges Compliments of its Passenger Clients

M/s Bhadra International India Ltd. is the upcoming leaders in “Aircraft Ground Handling Service Providers” at Calicut airport but the fact remains that in a short period of its existence it has had the honor of ensuring the well-deserved accolades from hundreds of “Haj pilgrims” served by it in the recent past.

Over 40 inbound/outbound Chartered flights of Saudi Airlines exclusively handled by Bhadra International were provided Ground services par excellence ensuring total convenience of the holy pilgrims as also ensuring 100% OTP (On Time Performance) of that aircraft.

The most courteous services by Bhadra International employees using state-of-art handling equipment ensured that the holy pilgrimage of these Hajis was meticulously achieved earning their whole hearted appreciations.

Bhadra International on its part is determined to not only continue its excellent performance as hitherto but to excel these with every passing day.

Thanks to its totally satisfied client Airlines and passengers handled.

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